Door & Window locks repair

Door Lock repair Service North Wicklow, South Dublin and surrounding areas

Common Door lock and mechanism low cost repairs. We fix, repair or replace door and window locks and mechanisms with minimum disruption at a reasonable price.
Door not Locking
1. Door strikes are not aligned. This handle may not reach fully locked position to allow the key to turn on upvc or composite door.
FIX: Align door strikes- This is usually a simple adjustment.

2. Hinges out of alignment may cause the door to rub on closing or be difficult to open. Most often this is a simple adjustment of the hinges.

3. Rubber seal surrounding the door may be out of position not seated correctly or be damaged or worn. This can be as simple as resetting the rubber seal or replacing it if worn or damaged.

4. Key not fitting in lock fully. Most often this is simply the key is bent. So best to try another key if you have one spare. Other causes (if not the key) can
be a worn lock cylinder. This is as simple as replacing the lock cylinder.

4. Door not opening or locking correctly. Least common failure is the locking mechanism itself. The mechanism can be replaced to resolve the problem and restore store to full working order

5. Handle damaged or broken. Handles can be worn or damaged over time. The faulty or damaged door handle can be easily replaced.

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