how to fix condensation on windows

Different types of window condensation.

Interior Condensation
Exterior Condensation
This condensation will often be removed when the sun hits the window and warms the outside glass and there are some cleaning products for glass which reduce the effect.

Condensation between double-glazing panes of glass

If there is misting or fogging indicating mositure has entered between double glazing panes of glass, the only real option is to replace the window glass unit as the seal has broken down or is damaged allowing mositure to enter between the glass panes. There are some companies offering to remove mositure and reseal the panes but we don't recommend this as a long term solution and often the glass is stained from the moisure even when the seal is repaired.

Interior Condensation
Condensation on the inside of your windows is the most common type and is created when warm moist ai deposits the moistoire when it comes in contact with a cold surface your inside window pane.

To fix this problem you need to remove or reduce the moisture in the air. There are a number of options in
Bathrooms and Kitchens an extractor fans will help reduce the air moisture. All rooms need ventilation so ensure air vents are open and working these will help release the warm air to the outside.

Increase the temperature of your window glass on the inside. Window glass temperature can be increased in a number of ways, by adding window insulation strips, by repairing or replacing damaged window hinges, or simply by adding curtins, drapes blinds.

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