Retrofit Glass Replacement Price Guide

Replacement and Upgrade Window Glass  price guide (Retrofit) 

Prices vary depending on type of window material and size.

  • Average Box bedroom window €280
  • Average bathroom window €380
  • Average bedroom window €500
  • Average bay window €650 supplied and fitted
  • Retrofit average sliding glass patio doors €550

Window unit replacements vary in price depending on size and spec required. For a free no obligation quotation call us and compare our prices to our competitors.

Why replace your glass units?
The number one reason to replace a glass unit is if its damaged, fogged up or misted between the panes of glass. This a simple fix we replace the glass unit.

  • Retro fit/Glass unit upgrade-(leaving the frames and upgrading the glass)
    Upgrading the glass units from single to double glazing or to more efficient glass units is also an option to consider if the old units are inefficient and/or are causing drafts.
  • Often our customers replace a single faulty window unit with one of our energy efficient units and are so impressed with the removal of drafts and the change in room temperature they then opt to replace the units in other rooms or in the entire house.


  • Why retrofit your existing window frames with upgraded efficient glass units?

                      Cost saving of 50% or more COMPARED with replacing windows and frames

                      No redecoration or refitting of alarm sensors.

                      Significantly reduces heat loss from windows

                      Improves the BER Rating of your home

                      Reduces or completely removes condensation

                      Reduces home heating costs

                      Removes drafts and cold spots

                      Improves sound proofing of rooms and reduces noise from outside.

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