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We are a small local family business providing repairs and upgrades of windows and doors in Wicklow and Dublin. We use quality components and provide a guaranteed  service to all our customers.


We have built a solid reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable window and door repair companies in Wicklow. Our experience and customer services sets us miles apart from other window and door repair companies. Let us know how we can help you and we’ll make sure your entire experience working with our team of professionals goes as smoothly as possible.

PSA Licenced locksmith

Window Repair


Double glazed window repairs in south Dublin and north Wicklow. We cover Bray, Greystone’s, Enniskerry, Kilcoole, Shankill, Dun Laoghaire, Sandyford, Stillorgan and surrounding areas.


Repair and upgrade double glazed windows, conservatories and patio windows we repair upvc, aluminium and wood double and triple glazed windows. Repair install or upgrade:-window safety restrictors, locks, handles, seals, hinges, latches, and mechanisms.


For sticking or drafty windows we can repair or replace hinges, seals, glass units or repair realign windows and frames.


Double glazed windows steaming, misting or fogging up? We can fix it. Call us now.

Locksmith & Door Repair


We repair double glazed wood, aluminium and upvc doors in Wicklow and Dublin.


We repair or replace upvc and double glazed door handles, locks, seals, hinges, mechanisms, door panels, sliding patio doors and conservatory doors.


All our repairs use the highest quality replacement components. All work and components are guaranteed to be of a high quality. Our locksmith service is PSA approved license number 08116.


Our repair & upgrade double glazing door repair service is available in Bray, Greystones, Enniskerry, Dun Laoghaire, Stillorgan, Sandyford, Stepaside, South-Dublin, North-Wicklow and surrounding areas.

Glass Unit Upgrade


We repair replace and upgrade glass units in upvc, aluminium and wood frames. We supply and fit replacement a rated double glazed and triple glazed glass units. Our replacements are a rated of the highest quality and can provide superior u values to the units replaced. We have many years experience in the double glazing business and all replacement units are fitted by trained and experienced technicians.


Glass units can be replaced, repaired or upgraded providing great value for money when compared with replacing complete windows or doors. See our price guide for an idea the cost of upgrading window glass units without replacing the entire window frames.


New units are a rated heating retaining glass and can be double or triple glazed providing better u values and reducing home heating costs.

Exceptional solutions for homeowners

Upgrades and repairs that increase and maintain security and improve on home heating economy


Why replace windows and doors when you can repair or upgrade at a fraction of the cost. Our repair and upgrade double and triple glazing service offers you choices that can help you maintain or improve upon the security and the heating economy of your home. While replacement glass triple glazed units or more efficient units are often all that is needed to remove drafts or fogged or steamed up glass.


Don’t replace windows when all that’s need is upgraded glass units?


Apart from the disruption and hassle of having old window and door units ripped out necessitating plastering, decorating refitting of security contacts/devices after replacement. The best option is often to replace the glass units which is done with minimum disruption and at a fraction of the cost of replacing complete window frames and glass. Replacement units are often all that is needed to remove drafts and fix fogged up glass. The units also offer heat retaining energy-saving glass with increased U values and increased thermal properties at a fraction of the costs of replacement windows.

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Professional Window & Door Repair


We have many years experience in the double glazing business all repairs and upgrades are completed using the highest quality replacement components by trained professional technicians. We offer competitive priced repairs and upgrades without any compromise on the quality of workmanship or components.

Damaged, Fogged or Steamed Windows?


Steamed or fogged up windows units or drafty windows and doors are common problems easily fixed with minimum fuss. Just give us a call and it will be fixed fast and at a very competitive price.


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