Cost of retrofit double glazing

How much do double glazed windows unit replacements cost vs complete glazed units and frame replacement?

This will depend on the size of units and how many you are replacing but generally replacing window glass units is considerably less expensive than replacing the entire frame and glazed units. Obviously this does not include the cost of redecorating after window frames are placed or refitting alarm contacts.

Guide Prices for replacing window glass units with upgraded units. The cost will vary depending on the type of window material and size.

  • Average Box bedroom window €280
  • Average bathroom window €380
  • Average bedroom window €500
  • Average bay window €650 supplied and fitted
  • Retrofit average sliding glass patio doors €550


What are retrofit glazing units?
Retrofitting glass units can me replacing single pane glazing as used in older building or it can mean replacing existing double glazing with more efficient units.

Why retrofit rather than replace the complete double glazing units.
Most of our customers replace complete units because of damage to original glass units fogged or misted units or scratched or broken glass. The new units are massively most efficient energy wise and so often when customers experience the increased comfort level the choose to replace the units in the rooms that they feel will benefit the most.

Should I replace only the window units?
This is a question only you can answer based on what you want to achieve. If you have a single failed or damaged glass unit then maybe try replacing it and see if you notice the difference. This way you get to try before you commit.

On the other hand if all your window are single pane glass and the window frames are rotten then the only sensible option is to replace the frames and glazed units.

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