Retro fit our Energy Saving Glass to your existing frames


Keep the frames of your existing windows and doors and retro fit our energy saving double or triple glaze units. Suitable for most wooden, Upvc and aluminum windows and doors.


  • Your new glass will perform up to 60% better than your old double glazing.
  • Save up to 50% of the price of replacing all your windows and doors.
  • Save hundreds on your annual heating bills.
  • Much warmer rooms.
  • Your new glass will not only save on energy bills but will make your rooms much warmer and reduce or eliminate internal condensation on your new glazing.
  • Reduced or no condensation on new glass will prevent wooden windows and doors from rotting.
  • No mess no dust no skips.
  • No redecoration as all work carried out within existing frames.
  • Your new glazing will also improve your BER rating as your new U Value will be as low as 0.7 for triple glaze and 1.1 for our double glazing.
  • Simply explained the lower the U Value the better your windows and doors are at retaining heat and saving on energy bills.

Whats involved?

  • Once you call us for a free no obligation quote it will take no longer than 15 working days from measuring up to installation of new glazing.
  • Will will arrive on the morning of installation which suits the customer, pre arranged in advance with plenty of notice.
  • No redecoration is needed as all work carried out is within existing frames.
  • No need to remove or re align existing alarm contacts.
  • We can start anywhere that is convenient allowing for family life to continue mainly uninterrupted.
  • Normally only takes 1-2 working days depending on how glazing units have to be fitted.
  • We will remove and recycle all old glass so you will not need to worry about waste or clean up.

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