Why retrofit your window units?

When replacing the window units and not the frames makes sense.

  • If only a single glass unit is damaged, fogged or misted up.
  • If your existing window frames are in good condition
  • If your windows are traditional high quality wooden frames well fitted and in good condition but the glass is single pain or damaged or is not energy efficient
  • When you want to improve the energy efficiency and comfort level without the trouble and expense of redecorating
  • When the window frame is well insulated and in good condition
  • When you don't want to change the exterior or interior appearance of your home
  • When Low-E glass will be a significant improvement over the glass already installed
  • if the glass installed is misted or fogged up or otherwise damaged or is a single pane.

  • Why choose us to repair or upgrade your window units?

    We are a small local family business that depends on its reputation to generate referrals and repeat custom.

  • Free no obligation quotation
  • Our prices are very competitive - We keep our costs low our work is effective, efficient and of a high standard
  • Our work and replacement components are of the highest quality. We guarantee it
  • We have low adverting cost - You only pay for the parts we use and our time, unlike a lot of our large competitors that have large overhead and advertising costs.
  • Our business survives and prospers on repeat business and on customer recommendations.
  • We are industry trained to the highest standards and have many years experience in the industry.
  • All parts and labour supplied by us is of a high quality and standard equal or better than our competition
  • We leave no mess behind and take all old components away to be recycled.
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