Shankill Window Repair

Shankill Window Repair

Window misted or steamed up.
We can replace damaged double glazed glass units at a fraction of the cost of window replacements.

Draughty windows or doors
We can resolve window or door draft problems usually by simple adjustment of by replacing seals or hinges.

Door & Window handles and Hinges
Damaged or loose handles or latch's can often be simply be and inexpensively be replaced.
Tired looks at the same old windows
Why not give your ole windows a new look or feel by replacing the handles with a different style.

Window or door catching or not opening or closing correctly
Often all that's needed is a for the hindges to be adjusted and the door or window realligned with the frame.

Lock repairs and security upgrades
Broken lost window or door keys or damaged locking mechanisms can all be resolved fast and efficiently. Old locks and latch's on old windows and doors can be upgraded to provide improved door and window security keeping your home secure and safe.

Doors or windows damaged or just showing their age from normal use and wear and tear. We can revive them with simple inexpensive repair or upgrades.

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