Window Condensation Repair Solutions

Window Condensation repair solutions

Window condensation comes in two basic forms.
Inside condensation on windows and condensation between panes.

Condensation between double or triple glazed panes

Window condensation. When condensation forms between the panes of glass in double or triple glazed windows this indicates that there is a leak or broken seal between the panes. The best solution is to replace the window unit. Only the failed unit needs to be replaced.

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Inside condensation on windows

Inside condensation on windows.
Normal activities such as cooking, showering, using gas heaters, and even breathing add moisture to the air inside your home. When the this warm air comes in contact with a cold surface like the window pane moisture is released from the air. This results in water droplets or condensation on the inside of your windows.

As this is natural condensation caused by normal living activities the best you can do is try to reduce the moisture level inside. In a bathroom run an extractor fan or open a window slightly. To allow the warm moist air to escape, replacing the moist air from inside with dry cool air from outside. Another option might be to run a dehumidifier directly removing the moisture from the air.

Modern homes reduce heating costs and save energy by reducing air leaks and drafts by increasing insulation and with the installation of double and triple glazing windows and doors.

This better insulation and reduced air flow can result in warm moist air inside your home and cold dry air outside. The Windows are often the coolest surface between outside and inside and when the warm moist air inside comes into contact with the cooler window surface the moisture from the air results in small drops of water being released from the warm air on to the inside of your windows. .

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